Open Source BI Pentaho Installation Walkthrough

Pentaho is a leading Open Source BI suite. It contains all components required from an enterprise-grade BI solution-reporting,dashboards,analytics engine,ETL and data mining. The reason I am covering Pentaho here is that I believe an open source BI can complement the open source ERP solutions I cover here.

The Pentaho offering is a classical, ‘modern’ open source model – you can download,install and use a ‘basic’ edition of the software for free, but Pentaho charges for additional ‘enterprise class’ functionality, support and some advance administration options.

The installation itself (I am installing Pentaho 1.7 GA) was not as straight forward as I expected and required some manual work. Because of that, I will write a complete installation guide, hoping it will save some time and effort to others who plan to install Pentaho. I will run the Pentaho server on my Linux Ubuntu Box.

Pentaho is written in Java, running on Jboss application server. That makes integrating it with Openbravo or Compiere somewhat easier, both written in Java as well. However, BI solutions are platform agnostic – they only rely on the underlinying data layer and are independent of the programming language used to write the ERP system.

Pentaho is a BI solution and it requires a database that will contain the data to be analyzed or mined. For that purpose, I will use a Mysql database, provided by Pentaho, with some sample data.

BTW – Pentaho delivers several out of the box default users and passwords. They can be found under the ‘Valid Users’ drop down menu on the upper-right corner of your Pentaho installation homepage.

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